The accounting industry mums who’ve reinvented work to fit around their children

An enterprising accountant thinks she has figured out the perfect work/life balance after starting up an online accountancy firm enabling her to work from home.

Sue De Bievre started her accounting business, Beany, five-years-ago and now it’s the fastest growing online accountancy firm in the country.

Its online nature means the employees can work flexible hours from home and spend more time with their families.

“Often employers think work should be the most important thing and I guess I’ve always accepted that actually our children are the most important thing,” Ms De Bievre said.

“And if I can make the children happy and the mothers happy then that’s the best thing for the business as well.”

The formula definitely seems to be working with the company racking up over 3000 clients and the employees singing its praises.

“When I’ve worked in more traditional type companies where you have to go to their premise at say 9 to 5 if you have to go away for your children you feel the stress or the pressure,” Beany worker Jeanette Tollan said.

“So working for Beany it takes away that whole dynamic that whole stress.”


Originally Published by TVNZ – March 8 2018

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