Switching Accountants

Quite often we stay with service providers that we’re just not that happy with – because the perceived effort of change is too much. So a telco annoys us with slow broadband, or a power company overcharges us, or an accountant doesn’t offer us particularly proactive help, and we stay because it isn’t quite painful enough to make us go through the process of change.

However, with all the changes in the economy and in business people’s lives, perhaps now is a good time to look at better options.  Here’s a short step by step guide for what’s involved in changing accountants, even if you do this as a quick process for concluding that you’re OK staying with the old guy!

  1. Compare what you’re paying to Beany’s fixed pricing.  Beany would be $175 plus GST per month, if we do all your tax (including returns for you personally and your business), GST and company compliance and provide unlimited advice and support.  No surprises, no unexpected bills – all included.
  2. Give us a buzz on 0800 755 333 or email us at sales@beany.com and our Beany team will help you decide which package would be ideal for you.
  3. Once you’ve clicked the “Buy” button, let us know who your previous accountant was, and go through our identity check.  That’s it, you’re done now.
  4. That’s when we swing into action and we do everything else:
    • Contact the old accountant and get your stuff
 for you
    • Contact the IRD and let them know. Whilst we’re in there, we do a double check on all your taxes, looking for old credits, odd balances, anything we need to know to look after you.
    • Contact Companies Office so that we file your Annual Return
    • Connect you to the perfect Beany accountant so you know where to get help and advice
    • Connect you to our ‘always on’ support desk, which is free to Beany customers
    • Make sure you’re all good to go on the GST front with all the correct information loaded for you (like if you’re a contractor with withholding tax)
    • Check which industry sector you’re in so we can give specialised reporting for your sector
    • Transfer your Xero file so we can access and help when you need us

It’s super easy to switch, so why not take a look at some of our packages here.


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