3 Xero Tips from Beany’s Xero Whiz, Phil Wood

With over 1 million people now using Xero as their accounting system, and over 10 years of development under their belt, the Xero platform is continuing to grow it’s functionality and usefulness. With all the platform growth it’s no wonder that some of Xero’s less glamorous (but still extremely useful) features tend to get overlooked.  In the following blog we’ll dive deep into a few Xero features that many small businesses aren’t yet taking advantage of.

  • No more printing out your receipts, use Xero Files

This feature is a godsend for those of you that save and print out digital receipts. Let’s be honest, it’s time consuming, and you probably find yourself at some point in the year double checking your records to make sure no receipts have fallen through the cracks.

Xero Files is a nifty tool which allows you to forward any email to your own unique Xero email address. Xero then automatically picks up the PDF attached to the email you have forwarded and stores it securely in your Xero account. Once in your account you can attach your digital receipt to any transaction, copy it to a bill, or use it to create a new sales invoice – it’s flexible, easy to get started on, and will help eliminate those anxious feelings when you’re tidying up your email inbox.

  1. Add details to your reconciliations

Reconciling transactions is the heart of your Xero account, you probably find yourself doing it at least once a week. What often gets overlooked at this stage is the “Add Details” function sitting right in front of you at the bottom right hand corner of the reconciling box.

The “Add details” feature allow you to split transactions up and attached a the receipt all in one easy move. It comes particularly useful when you’re dealing with Invoices which have multiple different tax rates.

  1. Connect your Gmail or Office 365 email to Xero

Hidden in the depths of the contacts page in your Xero is a feature which allows you to link your Gmail or Office 365 account directly to Xero. Once connected you can search for a contact and find all of your financial deals relating to your customer and suppliers. Connecting your email also brings across a history of emails, communication, and notes for all of your contacts – essentially turning Xero into a CRM for your business.


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