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Meyer Cheese - Award-winning cheesemaker chases cream of the crop with Beany

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Meet Miel, CEO of Meyer Cheese

As you drive through the changing landscape of New Zealand, there’s a recurring theme - a seemingly never-ending pasture of cows and sheep. A telltale sign of the nation’s status as the world’s largest dairy exporter, owned and managed by Kiwis passionate about producing fresh, quality products. For Miel Meyer, CEO of Meyer Cheese, it’s all about raising the standard - with a touch of family tradition.

Residing in the heartlands of Waikato since 1984, Meyer Cheese produces a variety of gouda from cow, sheep and goat milk. However, it didn’t start there - their origins lie back in Holland, with Miel’s father and grandfather working together to establish the company in 1976. Taking over in 2007, Miel has continued the family’s art of cheese making.

“When I took over from my parents in November 2007, I knew nothing about running a business. I knew how to make cheese - because we did it as children - but on my very first day running the business, I had to ask my colleague what an invoice was!” Miel laughs. Meyer Cheese has since come a long way, with Miel and his brother Geert being named NZ’s Cheese Maker of the Year twice apiece, along with countless Gold awards.

“We've won the New Zealand overall Champion of Champions, I think, five times since 2008. That's quite an achievement, but I have to remind you that the success is for the team, it's not for myself. It's the team that makes these things work, and the effort everyone puts in.”

Barriers and pain points

When asked about his biggest pain point, Miel’s answer was simple: Not having enough time.”My biggest challenge is just getting everything done. Time management. I've got a billion ideas, and it’s key to just dilute that down to focus on a few things. There are so many opportunities in the marketplace and in the cheese industry.”

“Although I really enjoy making cheese, I need to free myself up time. Time to be able to focus on the growth of the business, as well as supporting the team and handling administration - along with Beany.”

Paralysis by analysis is a problem most of us have faced at one time or another, and having too many options can be stifling. The answer to this, Miel suggests, is to focus simply on what best fulfils your business needs. “It's really focusing on your core business values and needs, and then seeing what you can do with your time. So finding the right solutions for problems can be another challenge as well.”

As a family-owned business, Meyer Cheese focuses on two key values: its people and making high-quality cheese. “That's what gets me gets me up in the morning - the passion for running the family business. My dad set it up, and there’s a legacy there. I've got three young sons who also work in the factory, and an excellent group of team members.”

“The awards are a benchmark. We can't produce en masse like Fonterra, so we need to find a point of difference for ourselves. Part of our legacy is in our story, but quality is number one for us. Doing well at the cheese awards is, to me, the standard that we need to achieve and maintain.”

Awards provide a solid groundwork to measure quality in the industry - and for Miel, it’s all about consistency. “The big awards are fantastic, but for me, it’s those gold medals that are consistently coming through year-on-year - and international awards as well. That just reminds me to give kudos to the team, and that we're maintaining our core value of maintaining a high-quality cheese in the marketplace.”

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Miel's experience with Beany

Everything Miel knows about accounting he has learned during his time with Meyer Cheese. “As I said before, when I first started I didn't even know what an invoice was. Now, I am much more well-rehearsed in all facets of the administration side of the business, from exporting and managing compliance.”

“It shouldn't be me to necessarily know the ins and outs of accounting, and that's why we've looked at Beany for support to say, ‘Hey Beany, how can you help us with your specialisation, and enable us to grow in the areas that we'll see opportunity?’”

Beany has been able to help Miel manage the financials of his business, leaving him free to focus on perfecting his craft. “It's been really exciting. I'm really looking forward to the support Beany can provide, freeing up my time to work on actually growing the business, rather than running it day-to-day.”

As Miel shifts his focus from daily operations to long-term growth, Beany will also be able to support his team. “That's one of the best things Beany will be able to provide. My team members don't necessarily need to come to me for an answer to a question - they can call Beany for support. That enables the day-to-day running of the business to move on its own.”

Tips for other business owners

Miel has come a long way from his first days at Meyer Cheese. As an experienced CEO, team member, and manager, he was eager to provide advice to other business owners.

  • Letting team members run their own space. Obviously, I need to train and provide support to my staff. But once they train enough, I can leave them to their own devices, to make decisions for themselves, to problem-solve for themselves. That frees me up time. So, with the right people in place, you can be a little hands-off and let people figure stuff out. Trust your team - they'll do the right thing.
  • The same tip my father told me, when I first took over - whatever you do, focus on doing that one thing really, really well. When I first told my dad, ‘I don't know what I'm doing’, he replied, ‘Just focus on making the cheese to the best quality you can, and all the rest will take care of itself.’ And he was right - the accounting takes care of itself because I can ring Beany. All my suppliers are there if I have an issue. Marketing experts can help with advertising. So other businesses, my recommendation is to identify what you really do. What is your core business? Focus on that, get it 100%. You can always import all the other necessities of running a business.
Meyer cheese - a few of the team holding some of the large rounds of cheese

What’s next for Meyer Cheese?

Looking forward, Miel’s current focus is to strategise towards business growth. “For us, it's about making sure we do what we do better. Whether it’s supporting supermarket sales, the retail domestic market - Foodstuffs and Countdown, supporting food service in terms of the domestic market, and then better supporting our current customers as a whole.”

Expansion is also on the cards for Meyer Cheese, as the company also sells its cheese across the ditch. “Conjoint with our local support, we are growing in the export market into Australia. We entered the market in 2012. That did so well that I had to stop, and I want to pick that up again.” As always, Meyer Cheese’s level-headed, quality approach remains the same, both locally and abroad. “I need to do that by making sure the foundation of the business is solid, and then growing from there.”

Beany is delighted to be a part of Meyer Cheese’s long-term growth. “We're actually connected with Beany and Xero to restructure our business as we set it up for growth. This has been a big wish of mine, and we're just at the very beginning of that.”

Sounds like there are exciting times ahead, Miel. Thanks for your time, and for sharing your story - here’s to many more Gold awards!

You can find Miel at

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