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Growth London - Helping businesses harness the power of CRM with Beany at their side

Growth London - Helping businesses harness the power of CRM with Beany at their side

Meet Jonathan Price, Head of Growth London

Winding through the bustling streets and historic charm of London, there's an unmistakable pulse of innovation and enterprise. This environment provides the perfect backdrop for Growth London, a consultancy at the forefront of digital transformation, led by Jonathan Price. For Jonathan, it's not just about adapting to change; it's about setting the pace for it, with a keen focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Founded in 2017, Growth London began as Jonathan's vision to bridge the gap between technology and effective customer management. This vision was not born in a vacuum; it was the culmination of years of experience and a deep-seated passion for connecting businesses with their clients more meaningfully. 

"We're a small consulting firm specialising in helping clients with their customer relationship management software," Jonathan describes.

Jonathan, originally from South Africa, brought a global perspective when he moved to the UK that has enriched his approach to CRM solutions. His journey through the sales and marketing sectors equipped him with invaluable insights into customer relations, setting the stage for what Growth London would become.

The journey to becoming a HubSpot Platinum Partner within just nine months is a testament to Jonathan's leadership and the firm's expertise. "It just means that there's plenty of demand. There's plenty of work out there," he reflects, highlighting the high demand for specialised CRM consulting.

Barriers and pain points

Growth London’s biggest challenge is one that many fellow business owners likely relate to, and that’s delegation, workload management, and saying no. 

"I find it quite difficult to say no... being able to say actually, no, we can't take anything on - I find that really difficult," he admits. 

The struggle to delegate tasks further complicates this issue, as Jonathan elaborates, "I struggled a little bit with delegation sometimes...challenges around that work-life balance, and maintaining it. I think all business owners feel that."

This difficulty in saying no and delegating tasks not only stretches the team thin, but also impacts Jonathan's ability to focus on strategic growth areas. 

His dilemma underscores a common entrepreneurial challenge: the balancing act between seizing opportunities and maintaining a manageable workload. For Growth London, this means balancing client demands with internal capacity, always with an eye toward sustainable growth and innovation.

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Experience with Beany

After working with many different accountants, Jonathan has observed a transformative shift in tackling operational challenges since forming a partnership with Beany. 

“As the business grew, I knew that I needed a little bit more of a tailored approach. I needed an accountant who would actually start trying to find ways to help optimise things and make sure I'm not overpaying on taxes. So that’s when I went online, and I found you guys,” he explains. 

When asked about his experience with Beany so far, he responds, “Excellent. Good. Really, really good. I’m just very impressed by the whole professional look and feel of it from the outset. I'm pleased I made the move." 

The transition to Beany has brought about a more streamlined approach to handling his business accounts and taxation, offering Jonathan the much-needed space to focus on Growth London's strategic direction. He shares his relief that he can always ask any question, no matter how large or small, and always get a prompt reply. 

"The whole onboarding process, from the initial inquiry through to deciding to go ahead and then the onboarding itself, made me feel like everything is finally in the right hands."

This relationship has smoothed the path through administrative challenges, ensuring Growth London's agility and responsiveness to clients. Beany and Growth London share a mutual appreciation for the benefits of remote working, a model that has enabled Jonathan's team to access international expertise and uphold a balance between work and life commitments. 

To Jonathan, Beany is more than just an accounting firm; it represents a partnership that empowers him to focus more on his clients, supporting his team, and pursuing growth strategies. With Beany's holistic approach to accounting services, Jonathan has been able to lead Growth London with increased confidence and clarity, able to get the support he needs at any time.

Tips for other business owners

When reflecting on his journey and insights gained, Jonathan emphasises the importance of exceeding client expectations and the positive ripple effects it has on business growth.

"Everyone's heard this a million times, but the reason why the majority of our revenue is from previous clients or referrals from previous clients is because we really try to over-deliver. So exceed expectations," he recommends.

He also highlights the significance of mental health for entrepreneurs, advocating for the necessity of taking breaks to maintain one's health and the health of the business. He suggests practical measures to ensure downtime, such as setting up automated responses to manage customer expectations and allow for much-needed rest.

Understanding the full spectrum of responsibilities, from financial obligations to customer service, is another pillar of Jonathan's advice. He stresses the importance of having comprehensive insurance coverage for every aspect of the business, ensuring that all potential risks are mitigated.

At the heart of his advice is the call to pursue one's passions. "If you're not passionate about it, don't do it," he advises.

What’s next for Growth London?

As Jonathan looks to the future he isn’t focused on growth for growth's sake, but is committed to sustainable and strategic advancements. A key objective for Growth London in 2024 is to enhance its offerings by introducing new services that complement its existing CRM expertise. 

Jonathan hints at a project in the pipeline, a new development geared toward providing more value to their clients, and he’s hoping it will launch this year. "In fact, we've got a service that's currently in beta, and we’re just testing it out,” he shares enthusiastically. 

Moving forward, maintaining a healthy work-life balance remains a priority for Jonathan and his team. They champion the importance of finding joy and fulfilmentful in both their professional and personal lives, a principle that has been a cornerstone of their success. Jonathan's vision for the future includes not just business growth but also nurturing a workplace culture that values and supports its members.

All of us here at Beany are excited to see what the future holds for Jonathan and Growth London. We are proud to support them on their journey and look forward to their continued success in 2024 and beyond.

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