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introducing Beany

The Beany story is an inspiring kiwi success story of how a small group of entrepreneurs came together in the most unusual place, and took a tired traditional accounting model and completely reinvented it with small businesses put first.

Once upon a time in Taupō

Beany was born on the back of desperate pleas from kiwi companies who wanted to have access to professional accounting services but for prices that made sense to a small business.

Our vision was a model where kiwi businesses could focus on their trades, knowing that we had their back.

So after two months of brainstorming and whiteboarding in a commandeered office in the Clean Energy Centre in Taupo, we cracked it, and Beany was born.

Clean Energy Center Taupo
Chapter 1

Beany was developed using the coding genius of John Curtis, one of the Beany founders so now with the business model nailed it was now time for Sue and Louis to build the team starting with a search of the country for the very best talent they could find.

Funnily enough, when they found that talent, none of them really wanted to commute from around the country to Taupō each day.

So a model was built where the entire team of 21 can work remotely from anywhere in the country they choose.

Sue de Bievre
Chief Beany – CEO


client satisfaction rate over 60 days

Louis de Bievre
Head of Sales


great kiwi businesses trust Beany

We paired smart technology with even smarter chartered accountants. Genius!

It didn’t just stop at finding great talent; we also invested massively in designing and developing our own small business software solution, all focused on making things easier for small business owners and increasing the opportunities for them to minimalise tax requirements.

As a result, two products were born: My Beany and Wealthier. They work in conjunction to give small business owners a single point of contact for their accounting and financial goals.