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About Beany

We’re here for one reason – to take the pain out of accounting. We’ve got the skills, love and tech to make your business and life a whole lot easier.

Sue de Bievre, Beany Founder
Sue de Bievre, Founder of Beany Accountants

2013 til infinity

The Beany story

I was working in a local accountant’s office in 2013, looking at the file rooms filled with paper, the shiny Boardroom table, receptionists and flowers - and the clients being charged £1,500 for a set of accounts they did not understand.  Xero was on the scene and making our lives a lot easier to process accounts - but we were still charging the same amount as for the past 20 years.  In fact, we were still doing things essentially the same way as when I qualified in 1989. Accountants were also using scare tactics to keep their clients welded to the practice (“We’re the only ones who can understand your complex business, we know someone at HMRC and will keep you safe, if you leave us, well, we’re not sure what will happen.”)

It dawned on me that technology was leaping past the accounting profession and we could use it to cut costs for business owners.  Having been a small business owner myself, I knew about the pressures and anxiety of being one.  I had experienced the sweaty fear of not being able to pay bills and the euphoria of doing well.  I don’t just understand small business, I can feel it.

How low could we make the fee whilst retaining a super high-quality service with all the questions answered, a great team of professionals and a desire to inform and educate about finances?  There was only one way to go - develop technology to do a lot of the heavy lifting in the production of financial information - after all, it’s all digital information, literally. 

I met John Curtis, fresh out of 12 years with Weta Digital and looking for a project. Together we brainstormed, coded, talked, and argued – and 6 months later we had our first iteration of Beany.  We invited 20 businesses to come into workshops to try and ‘break’ the software – 17 of them became Beany clients and we were off!

The first accountant we took on was Jenny Marklew, an experienced accountant with a gift for helping people understand what's possible. She is a mother of five from Papamoa, and started to build the accounting team under her. 10 years on and Jenny is still a core part of our team.

A true Beany accountant is empathetic and wants to make a difference. Our accountants go above and beyond to provide service. We talk about kindness internally a lot and how hard things can be for you running your business and how we can use our skills to help your business grow. One of the first things we did was set up a helpline that's manned by accountants and financial whizzes, and it's completely free so that you, our client, can learn and get help and support whenever you want.


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Our people

Meet the Beany team

  • A bunch of humans who love humans
  • You'll get your own dedicated local accountant
  • Free unlimited support with day-to-day questions
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The values that guide us

  1. Client service is at the heart of everything we do
  2. The powerful spirit of small businesses inspires us
  3. We're humans dealing with humans, and we believe in each other
  4. Freedom from stress invokes creativity and happiness

Join the team

Careers at Beany

As our brand grows, so does our team. We're constantly on the lookout for new Beanies. If you're interested, check out our current vacancies right here on Indeed.

Working remotely

You get to work remotely from wherever you choose. The world is your office.

Dedicated to growth

Beany wants to grow, which means investing in our most important asset. You.

Opportunities in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and beyond

Beany has boots on the ground all over the place. We pick people over places.

Children friendly

Some of our best people started life as children. So take the time to be with your kids. You don't have to explain it to us.