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Felicity Jean Photography - from tourism to capturing memories

Felicity Jean Photography - from tourism to capturing memories

Meet Flea, founder of Felicity Jean Photography

Whether it’s capturing scenic landscapes or a special family moment, everyone appreciates the power of a great photograph. We print them, hang them up on walls, and keep those memories close. Based in the Coromandel, Felicity Jean, affectionately known as Flea, is a photographer with a lifelong passion for capturing these moments. 

“My passion for taking photos started when I finished uni and began my working life in the tourism industry. I drove a big green tour bus throughout New Zealand for Kiwi Experience, and found myself lucky enough to be in beautiful places on a regular basis. I purchased my first camera (Canon 350D) and what started as a very cool hobby, has developed over the past 16 years into an exciting career in photography.” 

Flea’s journey into photography was serendipitous, considering that her uncle worked for Canon and was able to mentor her for many years. With his guidance and her own passion for adventure, she ditched the idea of a regular desk job and decided to blaze her own trail.

Like any young business, Flea learned through trial and error, and lots of networking. She realised early on the importance of sound advice and support from a business accountant. 

Engaging Beany’s services within the first two years, she has continued this partnership for nearly a decade, relying on our expertise for compliance, tax minimisation, and the end of the financial year. Beany keeps her informed on upcoming tax payments with timely reminders, ensuring she never misses any important deadlines. She can also access her previous accounts and tax returns at any time, which makes it easy to stay organised and plan ahead! 

Moreover, Beany offers up-to-date insights and advice on tax regulations, helping clients like Flea make informed decisions throughout the year. This comprehensive support system allows business owners to access professional advice all year round. By leveraging Beany’s resources, entrepreneurs can be at ease about tax planning, minimise their liabilities, and focus more on growth and development. 

In Flea’s case, this has allowed her to focus on what she does best: capturing the beauty of New Zealand and its people through her lens.

Flea’s introduction to Beany 

Flea's journey with Beany started around nine years ago. It began when another Beany client shared some of Flea’s photos with Beany's co-founder, Sue.

"Sue contacted me after seeing the portraits I captured for East As, a bus tour," Flea explains. Impressed with her work, Sue invited her to photograph for Beany, and shortly after, Flea became a Beany client herself. She saw this as an opportunity to streamline her business's financial side, which she admits was not her forte.

“She asked if I would take photos for Beany, both staff and clients. I then signed up as a Beany client as I was in the early days of getting my business going, and was hopeless with my accounts.”

The benefits of working with Beany 

Beany has become an integral part of Flea's business journey. The simplicity and accessibility of the Beany platform makes it easy for her to upload all of the information her accountant needs to file her annual returns. She also appreciates the high level of responsiveness from the support team, and proactive alerts and notifications. 

"Making contact is easy either via phone or email and someone always comes back to me quickly,” she states, expressing her appreciation for the swift and professional assistance she receives.

Yet, for Flea, the most significant benefit of partnering with Beany is the substantial peace of mind she gains from it. 

She emphasises this, saying, “The peace of mind is huge. There’s nothing worse than being behind on your accounts or payments, and worrying that you may have done it wrong, or that the IRD is going to call saying you owe more than you thought.”

Beany’s comprehensive services, extending beyond just accounting, include bookkeeping, advisory services, tax filing, and support with business growth strategies, ensuring clients like Flea not only meet their compliance requirements but also thrive on their business journey.

“Once my accounts are done it feels like a huge weight off my shoulders,” she shares, reflecting on the sense of relief she feels once her accounts are in order. 

The future for Felicity Jean Photography 

Like many businesses, Felicity Jean Photography faced its share of challenges during the pandemic, especially the impact on tourism photography. She adapted by focusing more on wedding photography, but is now looking forward to re-entering the tourism sector. She's also exploring new creative avenues and considering whimsical ideas (like ‘A Loo with a View’) for her second photography book. 

With a small business to run, Flea recognises the value of a responsive accountant. “I don't have the skills or understanding to do it properly like the Beany accountants do,” she says. 

From capturing the essence of New Zealand for Kiwi Experience to photographing Former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s wedding, Flea's career has been a journey of varied and exciting assignments. As she continues to traverse the photography landscape, we eagerly anticipate the stories she'll tell through her lens and the new paths her journey will take.

You can find Flea via her website or on instagram

Weddings (IG): @felicityjean_weddings

Commercial (IG): @felicityjean_photography

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