What is Payday Filing and what You Need to Know about It

The IRD is broadcasting on all channels right now about payday filing. Which is compulsory from April 1st 2019.

It’s pretty straightforward – all employers will need to file their employee information within 2 days of their payday. This is the PAYE information we used to file monthly with the payment of PAYE. So we will have to pay within the same time period but that’s not happening just yet.

Xero’s payroll software will be ready on 18th March 2019. In time for the compulsory start date of 1st April 2019. Your payroll information will be in the My Business section of your IR account.  

The reason the IRD want to do this. Is so that their employee information is more current and, I guess, because they can!

The payday filing will be done direct from your payroll software or via your MyIR account. Which you will have to set up and elect to use payday filing. Here’s a link to some more information.

Our support team will be happy and ready to support you through the first time you file, if you need any help. Just send us an email to support@beany.com or call us on 0800 755 333 for more information.

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