We need more Beanies!

Is Anybody Out There?

Beany is growing at a phenomenal rate and we need more people to help us deliver high quality accounting services to business owners in New Zealand.

So what’s the upside for you?  Well, we work in a modern kind of way offering insanely flexible working conditions.  You can work from wherever you want to.  You want to work at the beach?  Fill your boots.  Want to visit family?  No problem.  As long as you can get to an internet connection, we can work with you.

Only want to do part time?  That’s OK, we can make that work. Want to work around the kids school times?  Excellent, we love working parents.

And we’re actually rather social (surprisingly given our virtual nature!).  We socialise online using a variety of cool tech to interact – Slack, google hangouts, intranet and Beany.  Sometimes we even pick up the phone and have a good, old conversation.

You can come to work in your jimmy jams and slippers and you don’t even have to brush your hair.  

The only thing we really insist on is that you’re great at your job and you’ll do your professional best for the client.  We love our clients as much as we love our team so you can be casual about everything except delivering the best accounting service in New Zealand.

Oh, and we pay well, too.


We’re currently looking for:

Senior Accountants 

Customer Support Accountants (answering every query relating to tax, business and accounting our clients can think of) 

Bookkeepers & Administrators 

Contact us at support@beany.com with your CV if you’re interested or click here for more information