Beany Tax-iQ will tell you exactly what tax to pay when it is due, and even remind you to pay it!  Paired with our awesome Beany accountants Tax-iQ is the ultimate tax tool for kiwi small businesses.

Know Exactly What To Expect

At any time you’re just one click away from your dashboard showing all your future tax payments.

Avoid IRD Overdue Penalties

We will remind you of important tax payments so you never get stuck with expensive overdue fees.

Easily Budget for Tax Payments

Using the inbuilt calendar you can see and plan for all tax payments over the coming year.

Pay Tax Easily Without Mistakes

Our system will guide you and provide all info needed to make each of your tax payments.

Beany Tax-iQ

  • Sends you realtime tax alerts and reminders via email or text
  • Allows you to view all your tax payments in one single place
  • Reminds you of any overdue or unpaid tax needing attention
  • Shows you a yearly calendar of all your tax payments
  • Works with GST, FBT, income tax, student loan & withholding tax.

Tax in New Zealand

Taxes in New Zealand are collected at a national level by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) on behalf of the Government of New Zealand.

National taxes are levied on personal and business income, and on the supply of goods and services.

There is no capital gains tax, although certain “gains” such as profits on the sale of patent rights are deemed to be income – income tax does apply to property transactions in certain circumstances, particularly speculation.

There are currently no land taxes, but local property taxes (rates) are managed and collected by local authorities.

Some goods and services carry a specific tax, referred to as an excise or a duty, such as alcohol excise or gaming duty. These are collected by a range of government agencies such as the New Zealand Customs Service. There is no social security (payroll) tax.

Inland Revenue – Te Tari Taake

How to Get Started with Tax-iQ

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It’s simply a matter of either logging into your Beany account or signing up for a free Beany trial below.