Radical generosity – is it the way forward?

Earlier this year, Beany won one of the coveted Venture places with the women’s entrepreneurial network, SheEO

SheEO was founded in Canada by Vicki Saunders and is pioneered in NZ by Theresa Gattung.  The philosophy behind SheEO is Radical Generosity – giving without need for return. Sounds kinda fluffy right?   How on earth can that work in a business driven world?Attending the SheEO mini-summit in Auckland the other week, gave a much needed insight in to this idea.  Held at the co-working space, The Workshop, the mini-summit was attended by Ventures such as Beany and Shear Warmth (single source, beautiful wool blankets out of Taumarunui), Activators (women who give $1100 that goes into the pot to then support the Ventures), new to business women, women wanting to grow their businesses, investors and women who are simply interested in supporting each other.

There were also guest speakers – Claire Chitham, Annah Stretton and Kimberley Ramsey who gave their time and inspiration willingly. They talked openly about their struggles and successes; part of the Radical Generosity theme is that you ask for what you need – it might be a recommendation, a contact, feedback…..you never know until you ask.

The Beany ask was this; ask questions; if you are new to business or have been in business for a while but aren’t that happy with the service you are getting from your accountant, ask questions. Don’t be afraid to change it up.

And in business Radical Generosity can and does work; it doesn’t have to be money; it can be time, energy or simply a smile when someone’s having a bad day – giving without the need to receive; we’re on board!

If you’re interested in checking out more about the SheEO World and how to become part of it, click here for more details.

By Beth Aldridge