Meet the Beanies

Introducing some of our Beanies

Susannah De Bievre

Susannah De Bievre, CEO

Sue is a qualified Chartered Accountant in both NZ and the UK. Not only has she worked in well regarded professional accountancy practices over many years, she has in addition, owned small businesses of her own. This gives Sue great insight into just how demanding, and rewarding, small business ownership can be. She loves working within the entrepreneurial community in New Zealand and is involved as a mentor for Startup Weekend, which promotes entrepreneurship globally.
Jeanette Tollan

Jeanette Tollan, Beany

Jeanette has spent 23 years working in a wide range of admin and accounting roles. She joined the Xero revolution and is now a Xero certified expert and works closely with our clients to ensure they are up to date with their tax responsibilities.
Her passion is to have happy clients who have met all their compliance responsibilities on time. She is a mother to two small, very energetic boys and is the person to have in your team if you are in a pub quiz!
Jennifer Hodgson

Jennifer Hodgson, Beany

Jennifer’s career in accounting followed a change of direction after first finishing a Master’s degree in Chemistry. Jennifer has worked hard to complete her accountancy studies while also managing a family. She has been an accountant in chartered accountancy practices for the last seven years and gained membership to NZICA in early 2015. Jennifer now combines her accounting expertise and drive for success to help Beany clients to fulfil their accounting needs, as part of the Beany team.
Jenny Marklew

Jenny Marklew, Beany

Jenny is a qualified Chartered Accountant in both NZ and the UK. Jenny started her accounting career at the age of 17 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant at the age of 21.
Following a career break to start a family, Jenny became a Tax Specialist. 2010 saw a move to New Zealand and a senior appointment to a Tauranga-based chartered accountancy practice. Since 2014, Jenny has held a leading role within the team at Beany.
Christine Tyler

Christine Tyler, Beany

Chris is a very experienced Chartered Accountant with a wide range of practical experience from working for the IRD, being a financial controller for a software company and doing the accounting for a NATO airbase! She has also run her own accountancy practice for 8 years so brings huge technical knowledge to her wide accounting experience. She lives in Rotorua with her husband Nigel and daughter, Jet, as well as her four cats, six chooks, and three goldfish. She also enjoys enjoy gardening, cooking, walking amongst nature and yoga.
Donna Seiga

Donna Seiga, Beany

Donna is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in public practice. Previously a Senior Manager at one of the NZ's largest accounting firms, Donna worked with a diverse range of clients from across the Waikato region. Donna enjoys helping business owners with their accounting compliance needs and providing them with day to day business advice. Living in Hamilton with her husband Rob and two children William and Danielle. Health and well-being are important to Donna and she likes to keep physically fit by running (and not just around after the kids!)
Louis de Bievre

Louis de Bievre, Beany

Louis has a strong business background, having started and run many different kinds of businesses with a particular focus on hospitality. He was also general manager of Huka Lodge and other luxury properties for a number of years so combines his hospitality knowledge with tourism and an in-depth knowledge of running large teams focused on excellence. Louis works with our clients to help them develop their businesses and assists them with understanding how we can help.
John Curtis

John Curtis, CTO / Developer

Here's John in his studio. He's got over 25 years experience as a software developer and general technologist. After a 10 year stint at Weta Digital John turned his attention to developing cloud-based services. As a Beany co-founder, John's goal was to make it easier for business people like himself to interact with their accountants in a modern and efficient way. When he's not writing code and managing servers, he enjoys hanging out with his 3 kids and playing bass for a variety of bands around Taupo.
Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson, Beany

Amy is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. She began her career in Sydney working for AMP Re as a Senior Accounting Officer. Amy then travelled to the UK where she worked for All Tax UK.
Ambitious for further travel, Amy embarked upon a new career direction within the world of super yachts, travelling throughout Europe and the Caribbean. Returning to the world of commerce, Amy now combines her accounting knowledge and excellent customer service skills supporting clients day-to-day at Beany.
Jonty Perry

Jonty Perry, Beany

Trained as a photo processing technician and founded several companies in this industry. He became passionate about delivering high quality, value for money products through technical knowledge and great processes with a strong entrepreneurial streak. Direct marketing and data driven tech evolved as part of the skill set needed for these enterprises. A passion for exceptional customer experiences is a constant driving force. Living in Taupo provides a perfect environment for indulging a love of the outdoors with his mate Mac, the black labrador.
Andrea Bassick

Andrea Bassick,

Andrea is currently studying Accounting have worked as an administrator for the last few years. She is keen to pursue a career as a Chartered Accountant and loves the Beany environment that supports and encourages her personal development. A Taupō local, Andrea spends most of her spare time studying (although she squeezes in a good coffee and book combo when she can) and enjoys walking and hiking when she can fit it in.
Bernadine Boucher (Bibi)

Bernadine Boucher (Bibi), Beany

Bibi is a qualified Financial Accountant with several years of accounting experience in South Africa. After travelling the world working on cruise ships she’s settled in Taupō and is loving the New Zealand work life balance. When she is not chasing clients she is chasing her toddler, spending time with her family, working her way through every recipe in the family cookbook, and indulging her love for seeing new places. Bibi combines people skills with accounting knowledge and is excited to bring the best service possible to Beany clients.
Phil Wood

Phil Wood, Beany

Based in Christchurch, Phillip is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 5 years of industry experience. After completing his studies, Phillip worked towards his Chartered Accountancy qualification whilst working to help small businesses based in Wellington.

He is a Xero certified expert and works at Beany to help support our clients day-to-day. When he’s not helping Beany clients, he enjoys social basketball, cooking up a storm on his BBQ and listening to music.
Sue Bunch

Sue Bunch, Beany

Sue moved to Taupo from the UK in 1995 after falling in love with the area whilst backpacking. Sue has over a decade of experience as an Accounts Administrator and owns her own small business. Sue is looking forward to the opportunity of providing an efficient solution to your admininstration problems. She lives on a lifestyle block near Taupo with her husband Deryck, daughter Mackenzie plus a menagerie of animals. Most of these animals have been rescued or hand raised by the family and none are for eating!
Candace Tana, Beany

Candace Tana, Beany, Beany

Candace is originally from Whangarei and is a Chartered Accountant with ten years of experience in accountancy practice and commercial for some of New Zealand’s biggest companies.
She has a passion for helping people understand their financial lives both in business and personally, as she also volunteers as a budget advisor in her spare time.
She currently lives in Auckland. She enjoys getting out tramping as often as possible, eating her way around the Auckland cafes and restaurants and exploring the beaches of her hometown.
Amy Wilton

Amy Wilton, Beany

Amy joins the Beany team with over 13 years’ experience as an accountant, working with a range of difference CA firms, a Business Analyst at Head office in a dairy manufacturing company & has a large range of knowledge in the construction industry with both accounting and employee administration.
Living in Taupo for over 20 years, with her partner Warren and son Tyson she enjoys the relaxed environment on her lifestyle block with her Highlander Cows, sheep, chickens and little dog named Bean! She loves weekend trips out boating /fishing during the summer months and creating some inspiring authentic dishes in the kitchen, which she has picked up in her travels through Asia.
Sheree McDonald

Sheree McDonald, Beany

Sheree is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 14 years experience in one of NZ’s largest accounting firms. She has a range of experience working with businesses (both commercial & agricultural) on annual compliance, taxation and general business needs.

She lives in Hamilton with her husband Stephen and their three very energetic boys, Brodie, Tyler & Zac which keep her very busy! She enjoys getting outside for a walk or run and finding time to read a good book.

What our customers say

As a brand new business, with limited accounting knowledge and even less time, I’ve found the team at Beany to be incredible. No patronising jargon, no scary big bills in the mail, just great friendly service.
Kylie Hawker-Green , PR Plus Taupo
Moving my business to Beany was a great decision. They were really personable and helpful. They have made the whole accounts process so simple.
Sean Wakefield , PAINT-IT
This has been the best experience we've had with accountants. Ever. Can't believe how easy, quick and succinct the whole process is. Thanks Beany!
Tracelee Hooton , Four Seasons Kindy
I was looking at purchasing a business, but the numbers were confusing me. Beany provided clarity, solid advice and reassurance relative to me making the investment.
Trish Boyte
First class support. Just like moving to Xero, I'm very happy moving to Beany.
Tim Morgan
Swift response. Consistent with all past responses. Just superb! Setting the standard for services online. I'm very impressed. Thank you.
Richard Murcott
You have been brilliant and have relieved me of the horrible angst I always feel when faced with a tax return to complete! Thanks a million.
M Bryson
Beany provided me with excellent advice on transferring my United Kingdom pension and in doing so rescued me from having to pay a large New Zealand tax bill!
Trevor Davenport

Case Study

Kylie Hawker-Green, PR PLUS
Kylie Hawker-Green, PR PLUS

In early 2013, Kylie Hawker-Green took the plunge from corporate life as a Public Relations expert into the world of self-employment. Like many working mums, Kylie juggles the demands of her growing business and those of her growing family! Although she is understandably time poor she does appreciate the value of doing everything properly. Kylie consulted with Beany prior to setting up her business and her Xero file.

Kylie is by nature a perfectionist and wanted to know as much as she could about her business and how to do the bookkeeping. She used to do her own GST returns but really liked the support provided by Beany during her start-up phase.

As well as guiding and assisting Kylie through the start-up phase of her new enterprise, Beany has also finalised her financial statements for the 2014 year and has made sure that she is in the best possible position to manage her tax affairs.

ROBIN GAYRAUD, Working Holiday Starter
ROBIN GAYRAUD, Working Holiday Starter

Robin’s business Working Holiday Starter is helping young backpackers from all around the world to work and travel around New Zealand. is one of the most helpful websites for a working holiday visa in New Zealand with an ever evolving online platform providing resources to anyone interested in spending time in New Zealand.
Beany has helped Robin improve his financial systems so that he can focus on growing his successful business.

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