Inside XeroCon 2015

Amy at XeroEarlier this month, 1000+ accountants from around from the world came to Auckland for an exciting update to all things Xero at the “XeroCon 2015” event.  XeroCon is held annually around the globe to inspire and update all progressive accountants on rapidly evolving cloud based accounting technology.
As a Xero Partner, it was inspiring to hear from NZ’s version of Steve Jobs, Xero CEO & Founder, Rod Drury.  Rod shared a few of the many highlights for Xero as well as future plans, and was very quick to say (quoted from the man himself) that “he would punch anyone in the face who asked when they would start making a profit”!!!

Xero is a fast paced progressive company with big plans for the future market. Last year alone they had over 500 new product releases, hired over 400 new staff and increased their revenue by 80%. Plans to dominate the accounting market normally come at a large expense and Xero is not about to sit back and let another take over their strong market lead.  This can only mean good things for us as the end users!

Something to inspire all those entrepreneurs out there – snapshots from just 9 years ago saw Xero as a 4-man start-up company operating out of their tiny flat with an old Nokia phone and an outdated PC (see the attached – not so high tech then).  A huge change to today – bank balance of $269 million of investment funds.  It goes to show what hard work and determination can do so don’t give up if you have a great idea!

As always, Xero is rolling out more new releases and features, including an on-billing function, updates to payroll, advanced reporting and much more.  If you’d like to know more about some of the new Xero features, or simply want to join the Xero revolution and find out why thousands of kiwi businesses now use this product instead of MYOB and other traditional accounting software packages, email me on or call on 0800 755 333.  Our new monthly ‘fixed price full service’ accounting package is discounted for Xero users to a remarkable $135 per month so it’s worth investigating on our pricing page.