How to make up your mind about Xero? 5 quick questions to help you decide

How to make your mind up about Xero

(in 5 quick questions)

Everyone is talking about Xero and you’ve heard a bit about it.  The question is, would it help you and your business?  Here’s the Beany questionnaire about whether it would be a good idea for you.

1. What are you currently using to look after your bookkeeping?

If you’re new into business, or really don’t have an existing system (and the shoebox in the wardrobe is NOT a system), then definitely hop aboard, this will save you time, anxiety and money.  There are different types of Xero file and we can sort out the right one for you.

If you’re using another piece of accounting software like a desktop MYOB, Cash Manager, Quickbooks then there probably will be time benefits so check out the next question……

2. How much time are you spending on your bookkeeping each month?

More than 2 hours a week? – Whether it’s you or someone you’re paying to do this, find out how much this is costing you each month.  Xero has live bank feeds and the ability to invoice straight out of the file as well as great reporting so typically cuts down on the time you need to spend on your bookkeeping.  If you can save more than two hours a month then switch to Xero.

If you’re only spending an hour a month on your bookkeeping then you may be fine with whatever you’re using so read through the next questions.

3. Where do you do your bookkeeping?

Is your business mobile?  Would it be handy to be able to raise invoices at the gate of your customer? Xero is in the cloud which means you can work from anywhere on any device.  

If you’re always on the same computer – desktop software will work for you.

4. Are you worried about backups, upgrades and security of your information?

Yes – Xero looks after all of that so it’s one less thing to worry about.  As no financial data is stored on your hard drive, if it gets stolen or dropped, it doesn’t matter.  You can keep working as all your data is secure.

No – stay as you are.

5. Do you want to know more about how your business is doing?

Yes – If you’re interested in understanding how your business is doing, in real time and at your fingertips, then Xero can be amazing.  You can control your business better and see every day how you’re doing.

No – don’t get Xero. Some businesses do the same old thing year in and year out and their owners are frankly not that interested in the accounts and their profit.  

Now is the time to ask yourself the Xero question as the start of the financial year is the perfect time to switch……And we’ve got an offer to make it even easier, check our Xero conversion offer.

And if you’re still not sure, then call us on 0800 755 333 or email and we can help you sort it out.