How is your region doing?

Regional Differences for your Place

Have you ever wondered how your region stacks up against other parts of New Zealand?  Do you live in a wealthy part or are you in the land of opportunity with fewer competitors and low rents?

I have recently moved to the Hawkes Bay for family reasons (and the weather!) and was curious to learn more about my new home and found a great resource on the MBIE site and now know there are 66 mushroom growers in the Hawkes Bay.  However, our average GDP per person is only $41,000 per year compared to the national average of $53,000.  

The report for the Hawkes Bay compared our region to Otago, Taranaki, Northland and the whole of NZ.   Taranaki surprised me with its very high average GDP per capita of $76,000 and low rents and housing prices – probably as a result of the oil and gas industry based there.  Still, a good option if you’re looking for a new place to do business.

You can also definitely see the issues and opportunities for Northland with its low average GDP per capita ($35,000) and high (ish) unemployment.  Let’s hope that Northland can un-lock its potential over the next few years.  You’d imagine that its proximity to our largest centre might be a source of future wealth, if it can come to grips with its weak infrastructure and social issues.

Anyhow, I’m happy to be enjoying the sunshine of the Hawkes Bay and I look forward to getting to know more about business in this region.

If you want to check out your home region, click here and open the report on your region.  Contact if you have some comments you want to share.