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Here are answers to questions we’re most commonly asked.

Do you really provide me with all those services and unlimited advice for $175 per month?

Yes! By using technology and all the efficiencies it provides, we have removed all unnecessary overhead costs and passed these savings directly on to you. Check out our pricing.

At Beany we’re all about the customer, and have structured our business to ensure everything is done on your terms, when it suits you. Beany interfaces with a number of accounting solutions (like Xero or MYOB) or you can use our simple manual entry system, which is built-in.
We provide and file the paperwork for all Company Law and IRD requirements – from Working for Families to Fringe Benefit Tax, to name but a few. A Chartered Accountant oversees everything, helping to minimize the amount owed on your tax bill.

Also, not only can you contact us whenever you like, you can ask your accountant anything you like, as often as you like without being charged anything extra!

As long we can answer your question then and there, there’s no extra charge, which means no more scary accounting bills at the end of the year. We give you peace of mind that you’re making the right decisions for your business.
If we need to go away and do detailed analysis to provide you with the best tailored advice, we will provide you with a quote upfront, so you know exactly what it will cost you.

Why should I make the change to an online accountant service?

Being online makes it simple, cost effective, convenient and efficient, and you have the freedom to update information whenever you like – you’re not restricted by the office hours of your typical accountant.

Beany allows you to store all your financial documents in one place, roll over common information from year-to-year, and stops you having to chase bits of paper around. We offer a service based on lower overhead costs – with these savings passed on to you!

We prepare high quality financial statements and tax returns as part of our pricing, and we provide this information direct to your personal Beany page. No more inefficient use of your time and money making unnecessary trips to see your accountant at their office!

Is my financial information secure and is everything legal with the Beany service?

Legal? Absolutely! New Zealand registered Chartered Accountants work for Beany and ensure all tax and legislative requirements are met.

Beany is a member of the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand and is reviewed by them periodically to ensure we meet best practice standards. We also make sure we meet their code of ethics ensuring:
Professional Competence and Care
Professional Behaviour

We take data security extremely seriously and use SSL encryption between your web browser and our servers, just like your online banking system does.

You will notice the “https” and padlock in your browser’s address bar. This tells you a secure connection is being used. Our data centre is right here in New Zealand and we take hourly backups of your data.

Will all my accounts be prepared by a trained accountant?

Yes, our Beany team of fully trained accountants work away in the background and their work is in turn fully reviewed and monitored by qualified Chartered Accountants, ensuring you are always getting the best possible level of advice. At Beany we take our professional accountancy responsibilities very seriously.

What if I need to talk to you? Can I come and visit Beany?

In order to provide you with the best possible price, we have removed all unnecessary overheads, including an office! You can however contact us at any time and we’ll arrange a call back at a time that suits you. This means you only deal with your online accountant when it works best for you, on 0800 755 333!

Once you’ve signed up as a Beany customer you will interact with our friendly and helpful team to make sure everything is covered and all your questions are answered. You can talk to us just as you would a traditional accountant. The only difference is all communication will be done online, or on the telephone, where necessary. Check out our contact page.

Do you also provide business advice?

Yes, we certainly do, we can provide advice on anything you would expect from a traditional accountant. Take a look at customer testimonials to get an idea of some of the advice we have provided.

Please send us an email or give us a call 0n 0800 755 333. Once we understand what you need to know, we will provide an email detailing the cost of the advice and what you are going to receive from Beany. This way there are no surprises!

Xero - Do I have to use it, and how can I use it?

Using Xero – an accounting system in the cloud – makes life simpler and easier for you and for us. It enables you to have most of your accounting tasks automated and our system will seamlessly be able to use the data from there, reducing our processing time. As a bonus, all your data will be held in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere.
You don’t have to be using Xero to use our online accounting services. If you are using a spreadsheet, piece of paper, or home-based accounting system (or keep your receipts in a shoe box) you will still be able to use our Beany solution. It is so easy.
If you are not currently using a cloud-based accounting system like Xero but would like to, just contact us and we will assist you with making the move. It is really that easy!

How long does it take to process my accounts?

We aim to have your accounts done within 28 days of receiving all the information we require from you. Its so easy!

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