What’s your accountant talking about?

Like most business owners, we love it when clients understand what we do and want to know more about our world.

Our aim is to help business owners interpret the information we provide. We realise that certain words and phrases may seem intimidating – as with any new topic or activity. Once they become familiar, you’ll find yourself asking more in-depth questions about the financial side of your business and understand the impact of key decisions you make. It’s a continuous learning process.

To put some of the words into context, you’ll see a comment that might come from your accountant – it’s in orange. We’ve also included links to relevant blogs if you’d like more information.

▶ A – B
▶ C – D
▶ E – I
▶ J – S
▶ T – Z

A – B

The Adjustable Value is the purchase price of a Fixed Asset less all of its Depreciation claimed to date.

Also called Carrying Value.

The adjustable value in your depreciation schedule doesn’t mean you’ll get that amount when you sell it.

C – D

E – I

J – S

T – Z

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