Call yourself an entrepreneur?

I saw this funny little infographic entitled “Why people become entrepreneurs” and had to laugh. Not just the icon “with a criminal streak” – which is rather fetching, but the polar opposites this mythical “entrepreneur” person could be: not too educated OR too educated.

Entrepreneurs have a calling in life – I think they like to do their own thing first and foremost. They see a better way of doing something, they’re passionate about how something could be done and want to sell you a slice of their world, so you can experience and benefit from what it is they see.

It’s cool that a bunch of entrepreneurs can work together on something too. This is how Beany was born. An accountant who knew there was a better way and a software developer who lives and breathes cloud. Shortly we had enrolled a couple of other entrepreneurs who could sell those proverbial ice blocks into very cold places and they spread the word. Then we uncovered the rarest of commodities – accountants who love working with people, not just numbers – and we had a viable business.

What’s super cool is that because we’re an accounting firm our clients are entrepreneurs too and we’re surrounded by them and their small businesses all the time. These are our kind of people. People who go out of their way to make a difference in the world; who love something enough to make a business out of it.

Go and find yourself in that chart and embrace what it is that makes you an entrepreneur. We love who you are!


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