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Beany's Xero Services

Our range of Xero services will help you get started and make the most out of the world's best accounting software. Register today and one of our problem solvers will get in touch to help you understand and get the most out of our Xero offering.

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We set you up with the right Xero subscription and manage your payments.

Previous accountant 'owns' your Xero file? We'll get it moved over for you, no sweat!

Got an existing Xero file that needs some TLC? We'll dive in and sort it out.

Been using another accounting system? We'll get you moved into Xero and make sure it's set up properly.

We'll set up your Xero file from scratch, and even give you the training you need to use it to it's full potential.


Frequently asked questions

Don’t see your answer? Reach out to us, we’d love to help!
Xero is online accounting software to help people keep track of their business finances. It brings all your business transactions together in one place for you to sort and record. Xero can also help with invoicing, GST, payroll, timesheets and leave, paying bills, keeping copies of your receipts and more.Because Xero is online you can access it anywhere you have internet, and it always contains the most current version of your information. And because it is online we can access it too, so our Support team can help immediately with any issues.We recommend Xero to all our clients because it is a time and cost-effective way to keep all your business information together in one place, so you can see how you're doing and keep on top of your business admin.We also use Xero too! To prepare annual financial statements for our clients, and complete their tax returns.
We'll need access to your Xero ledger so that we can help you out with any questions, and prepare your accounts at year end. To give us access there are a few simple steps to go through;Log into your Xero hereClick on the dropdown menu next to the name of your organisation, in the top left corner.Select SettingsSelect UsersSelect Invite a User (top right)Add a user called "Beany Com" with the email address Give access to "Payroll Admin"Give access to "Business & Accounting"Select "Adviser" level accessTick "manage users"Send inviteIf you don't have the option to invite users, this just means that someone else (probably your old accountant) has the master access to your file. We'll ask this information when we get in touch to explain we're taking over.
At Beany we recommend our clients use Xero, which is fantastic software to manage all your business finances. There are different options to choose from, depending on your business needs.Xero non-GST CashbookThis plan allows you to keep track of all your business transactions reconcile your bank account, and prepare reports such as profit and loss, cashflows or balance sheets. If you're just starting out, don't need to send invoices and aren't GST-registered, we recommend this plan. Monthly price is $13 plus GST.Xero GST CashbookIf you're registered for GST but don't need software to send invoices then this is a good entry-level option. You can't add on Xero payroll at this level. Cost is $23 per month + GST.Xero StarterThis plan is for businesses that need to create and send up to 20 invoices a month. It also allows you to add payroll. It costs $31 + GST monthly. (extra charges for payroll use)Xero StandardThis plans allows you to send unlimited invoices, and also enter unlimited creditor bills. You'll have access to Xero expenses for 1 user at no cost. The price is $66 + GST per monthXero PremiumThis plan has all the features of standard, but also gives you the ability to transact in multiple currencies. Cost is $84 + GST per month. Have a chat to our Support team if you're not sure which plan is right for you.