Cloud Is The New Normal | AWS Summit

Last week I attended the AWS Summit – that’s Amazon Web Services. If you think Amazon are in the book business think again. They’re the biggest platform for cloud-based services in the world. By far. They got there by saying “hey – we’re building all this infrastructure for our business, why don’t we sell that too?”. So now businesses from all over the world are building their cloud services in Amazon’s data centres.

The summit was a chance for them to showcase Amazon’s latest services, and promote their most newsworthy clients including Network 4 Learning and Xero. Two inspiring stories among many others.

But beyond all the facts and figures, the important take away is that cloud is the new normal, and not using cloud is like fighting gravity.

Businesses were considering moving to the cloud two years ago, but now it’s commonplace that they have outsourced at least some of their server requirements to the cloud. It’s no longer cutting edge, it’s a business requirement if you’re to remain competitive in your market. operates out of NZ data centres, not Amazon’s, but this event reinforced our business proposition and why it’s of such value. We’re disrupting the accounting profession by offering services that are more efficient than traditional accountancy firms and therefore we can deliver better value to you. We are agile and can adapt and scale incredibly quickly, have staff distributed around the country, no offices, and no servers of our own to manage. You get to access your accounts from anywhere, at any time that’s convenient to you, not 9-5 office hours.

The number of people logged into after 6pm each night is heartening to us. It shows that NZ businesses are embracing the benefits of cloud services like ours. You’re making it work for you, on your terms and we love that.