3 Xero Tips from Beany’s Xero Whiz, Phil Wood

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3 Xero Tips from Beany’s Xero Whiz, Phil Wood

With over 1 million people now using Xero as their accounting system, and over 10 years of development under their belt, the Xero platform is continuing to grow it’s functionality and usefulness. With all the platform growth it’s no wonder that some of Xero’s less glamorous (but still extremely useful) features tend to get overlooked.  In the following blog we’ll dive deep into a few Xero features that many small businesses aren’t yet taking advantage of.

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Software in Space

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It’s been a spacey week for me. Since last Thursday I read “The Martian” then watched the movie with Matt Damon playing the guy they left stranded on Mars. Over the weekend there was also a fascinating documentary on the Apollo missions featuring interviews with Apollo astronauts.

Don’t Crash!

Writing reliable software (read software that doesn’t crash) is a big deal, especially if you’re in space. At least 90% of the effort of designing and writing reliable software is working out the ways it’s possible to screw it up and dealing with them. Continue reading “Software in Space”

Client of the month: iHelp

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September 2015 Client of the Month is Nick Herbert from iHelp.co.nz

nickNick Herbert’s backstory begins in Munich in 1993, supporting the creative and print industry in the formative years of computer design. He has been an Apple technician since 1995 so he really knows his stuff.

Based in Taupo but servicing clients around the country and overseas Nick has established a strong following from full service design studios to Apple based businesses and individuals. Nick is a game changer, he brings a unique flair and intuition to the Apple environment creating efficiencies and understanding and imparting that knowledge in a patient holistic way. Continue reading “Client of the month: iHelp”