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From Taupo to Australia – a work in progress!

It all started out as a vague idea, buzzing in my brain, about how accountants could really do things better.

Lake TaupoWhilst sitting in an accountants practice in Taupo, I pondered the processes that accountants have been faithfully, and profitably, following for years.  Accountants have set up ways of operating which dominate the level of service provided to small business owners.  It’s all about the best way for accountants to make money which means that clients have to follow what the accountant wants. Continue reading “The Beany Journey”

Accountants In The Cloud – Sunday Star Times

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We featured in this Sunday Star Times article profiling leaders in online accountant services. We are thrilled to be seen as “leading the charge” into the new territory of accountants in the cloud.

By Tom Pullar-Strecker – Sunday Star Times, Business Section 20 July 2014

Accountants’ Heads In The Cloud

MOST SMALL businesses are used to having a close relationship with a local accountant.

But a new breed of accounting is seeking to commoditise the job of preparing end-of-year accounts for small businesses willing to forgo the personal touch.

It typically costs a couple of thousand dollars for a small business to have its end-of-year accounts prepared and checked by a chartered accountant, then filed with the Inland Revenue Department. Continue reading “Accountants In The Cloud – Sunday Star Times”