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Business Structures Part 2 – Extra Things To Think About

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Welcome to the second part of our Business Structures help guide (see part one here), where we focus on helping those interested in starting a business, but unsure of which business structure to go with.

When setting up a new business there are more things to think about than just the company structure. Continue reading “Business Structures Part 2 – Extra Things To Think About”

Business Structures Part 1 – What Is Best For You?

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Making the right decision regarding your business structure can save you money and aggravation, and this document is designed to give you some background information on the options, if you are thinking of starting a company.

You will probably have heard most of the common types of business structures, and there are some general considerations to think about, but everyone will have a different situation.

We advise that if you are trying to make a decision, give our accounting team a quick call on 0800 755 333. We are happy to help.

There are various types of business structure, and they include: Continue reading “Business Structures Part 1 – What Is Best For You?”

3 Tips For Startup Weekend Competitors

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Startup Weekend Auckland 2015 begins tomorrow.  80 entrepreneurs in a room, 54 hours of crazy, not enough sleep and an overload of ideas and energy.

The age range of the startup weekend competitors varies enormously from teenagers to me!  This will be my third year of mentoring at Startup Weekend (and last year I judged) and i’m now definitely an addict.

Here are my top three tips for making the most out of the experience: Continue reading “3 Tips For Startup Weekend Competitors”

No Talk, All Action – I’m Mentoring At Startup Weekend Auckland!

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I am excited to announce that I am a mentor for this years Startup Weekend Auckland, happening 12th June, and is also sponsoring the event. Startup Weekends are 54 hour long events where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups! Continue reading “No Talk, All Action – I’m Mentoring At Startup Weekend Auckland!”

Our Top 5 Take-Away’s From New Zealand’s 2015 Budget

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“Well,” as Michael Barnett from the Auckland Chamber of Commerce just said this evening, “That was boring”

There was nothing earth shattering in this year’s budget and particularly nothing for small business in New Zealand.  The most surprising thing was probably a National Government increasing benefits to families with children by $25 a week – good on them for that.

However, there are our top 5 business take-aways from the budget: Continue reading “Our Top 5 Take-Away’s From New Zealand’s 2015 Budget”