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Gifts, lunch and boats – what can you claim?


A Brief Guide to Claimable Entertainment Expenses

We are the preferred accountant for the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and look after a lot of real estate agents.  However, this information relates to all sectors. If you want to see the complete set of rules, click here for the IRD guide.

Here’s some helpful information about what you can claim and how much: Continue reading “Gifts, lunch and boats – what can you claim?”

Claiming Business Vehicle Expenses


Claiming the costs of running your vehicle in your business is what everybody wants to do – and simultaneously one of the trickiest calculations in your accounts!  The IRD are trying to minimise your claim and Beany is trying to make sure it represents all the costs of your business use. So here is an excellent and comprehensive blog from Sheree McDonald, one of our senior accountants, which covers all the bases. Continue reading “Claiming Business Vehicle Expenses”