Choosing and Selling to the Rest of the Planet

It was a very tough call when John Curtis, our CTO, called and said we had the opportunity to buy the domain name.

It sounds ridiculous but so much time and energy can go into deciding a name for your business (not quite as bad as naming your child, but up there).  We arrived at beany as a working title for our business and it kind of stuck and we never found a better name.  As and had gone, we plumped for and this has served us very well for the first two years.  However, we had to decide whether to stay with or act like a grown up business and take on the mantle of .com.  

How did we decide?

We considered these three things:

  • Did we want to take Beany international?
  • What does the NZ market think of .biz?
  • How much was it going to cost?


It has always been the plan to take the Beany business to offshore markets so that was a quick and easy “Yes”.

Although dot biz has been a great launch pad for our business, there was a feeling that it did not create as much trust as a dot com – and we’re all about trust, security and being around for our clients for the long haul.  So dot com feels like a signal that we’re taking ourselves seriously and have longevity.  

And finally, could we afford it?  We took the opportunity to make this move as we were upgrading our web presence anyway and buying the dot com domain name was surprisingly affordable.

So, here we are, feeling like a grown up business, ready to trade here in NZ with pride and getting ready to go offshore.

If you want to share your domain name stories or get more information about our journey into dot com land, contact me at


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