3 Tips For Startup Weekend Competitors

Startup Weekend Auckland 2015 begins tomorrow.  80 entrepreneurs in a room, 54 hours of crazy, not enough sleep and an overload of ideas and energy.

The age range of the startup weekend competitors varies enormously from teenagers to me!  This will be my third year of mentoring at Startup Weekend (and last year I judged) and i’m now definitely an addict.

Here are my top three tips for making the most out of the experience:

1. Keep breathing

It’s amazing how much hyperventilation can occur when everyone’s fired up on a project.  It’s a chance not only to learn from others but also how to learn to work with others.  But you have to keep listening as well as talking, flex as well as stay true to your ideas, accommodate others as well as knowing when to hold firm.

To do this, when things start to overheat, take 5 calming breaths when you can feel the temperature rising.

2. Keep drinking

Water, that is! Keeping hydrated is super important when you’re working hard.  Have a bottle of water next to you or, even better, get up and walk to the kitchen every hour for a drink – the movement will help as well.

3. Carbohydrates

Our brains are fed by carbs.  The best public speaking tip I’ve ever had is have a quick sugar hit 30 minutes before speaking – your brain just gets that little bit sharper.  So, maybe not sugar, but make sure you feed on some carbs to sharpen up if you feel you’re stuck somewhere in startup land.

See you there!

Sue – Beany CEO