100% conversion – just add a tour

I’m still basking in the glow of success.

Shortly after launching our new “tour” to introduce new sign-ups to beany, the first new customer to take the tour immediately went and purchased, not just a business package, but one for his rental property too.

Of course I skited to the CEO that we’ve cracked it. 100% conversion rate for anybody taking the tour. One data point, but it’s still 100% success. I’ll take it.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates of customers reaching your site then purchasing is a metric everybody follows these days. It’s a measure of effectiveness of the right message reaching the right people who then go on to purchase something from you.

If you sell any product or service in your business you’ll know the feeling that chasing this goal, improving your conversion rate, is a black art. Many people will try and sell you their snake oil to make it happen. There will be times you doubt your product even has a market. There are highs and lows to this journey for sure.

Triggers to Buy

We know Beany is an amazing service and we work hard at making it easy for people to discover us. We’re continually reassessing our message to reach people who haven’t yet heard of us to encourage them to give us a good look. But we’re many things to many people – an online service, fixed price, cheaper than traditional accountants, great customer service, convenient, easy… Each are triggers for different types of people all looking for accounting services.

What do I do next?

One thing we have learned from this is by adding a very simple 3-step tour to a new user’s home page, we quickly demonstrate “what to do next”. This step is often overlooked. The way you design your site (or service, or shop or whatever) may leave some customers not knowing what to do next. What seems obvious to you isn’t obvious to others. Taking that first step is often all that’s necessary to give the customer confidence that they’re in the right place and have this under control.

Only our new users see this tour, but given how clear it makes the process we’ll be rolling out tours to different pages on our website in the near future for everyone to enjoy.